lammfromm The Concept Store直營店舖閉店及搬遷通知 / Information from lammfromm The Concept Store

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長久以來謝謝大家的支持與愛護,在此通知您lammfromm 要搬家了!

lammfromm The Concept Store位於渋谷區上原的直營店舖已在3月2日(五)閉店並將於4月26日(四)在渋谷車站前的新複合式商業大樓「渋谷HIKARIE」全新開幕!

lammfromm The Concept Store的直營店舖從2003年開幕以來今年已是第十個年頭,十年的歲月轉眼即逝,這期間也承蒙大家從各地遠道而來,lammfromm衷心感謝。

新店面籌備期間,原位於渋谷上原的lammfromm直營店雖然暫時休息,但lammfromm The Online Store仍持續為大家服務;lammfromm全體員工今後也衷心期盼您的光臨與支持,謝謝大家!

  • 新店面開幕日 2012年4月26日(四)
  • 新店面所在地 渋谷HIKARIE ShinQs 2F (東京都渋谷区2-21)




Information from lammfromm The Concept Store

We are pleased to inform you that lammfromm The Concept Store is going to move into the new multi-purpose commercial building “Shibuya Hikarie” which is located in the Shibuya Station and open on 26th April, 2012.

lammfromm The Concept Store in Uehara closed on 2nd March. The store was opened on 2003, and 2012 is the 10th year for us . Thank you very much for the opportunity to meet you from all over the world. We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your patronage.

In marking our 10th anniversary, we’re moving into a new place. New lammfromm aim at becoming the most comfortable place and providing you with better products.

Although the real store of lammfromm is taking several weeks off to preparing for the new store, lammfromm The Online Store is in business. Please accept our sincerest appreciation and we’re looking forward to seeing you again in new lammfromm!

  • New lammfromm will open on 26th April, 2012
  • Location of new lammfromm : 2F ShinQs Shopping Center of Shibuya Hikarie, Shibuya, Tokyo